10 days to Christmas

A few years ago, we began implementing a new family Christmas tradition in the form of an advent calendar similar to this one. Ours is a bit different but the same concept.
Instead of candy, which by the way is a great idea, each slot is filled with a note. The note is a family activity that we get to do together. Sometimes our schedules are a bit hectic so we don't always do it ALL together.
I usually put the notes in and before I do, I look ahead at the holiday calendar to see which days will be crazy and which can accomodate more time.
Some of the things that have been done this year include
"Subway Eat Fresh for supper!"
"Call a Grandparent and sing a holiday song"
"say a prayer for someone in need"
"bake cookies"
"watch a Christmas movie"
"play a family game - Dad's choice"
"play a card game"
It's a fun way for us to be purposeful at spending time together when the days and nights seem to be filled with so much activity.
Tonight - it's "see a fun holiday concert" because we are going to the HS choir concert. But, due to the crazy week, it will only be half of us. The other half will go to dance practice for the recital on Saturday.
What ways do you celebrate your family at Christmas time?


That's such a great idea! I'm totally stealing it...in the spirit of Christmas, of course.
melanie said…
I love this idea, it's one you wished your parents would have done as kids so you could have had the memories tucked away .. too bad i'm too lazy do it. maybe next year:)

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