2 days to Christmas


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These yummy little guys were delivered to our house from Germany - from our Julia. Thank you Julia!  I feel so guilty eating these cute little Santas...but that won't last long.

I may not be blogging for a couple of days.  Our internet doesn't work at home right now so unless my husband has some superhuman hours to get the washer fixed, the office cleaned, the garage cleaned out, the shelves hung, and then, the computer modem fixed, you won't be hearing from me no sireee.

Things I'm looking forward to over Christmas break:

1. witnessing my big brother Todd beat the pants off of everyone with his sweet pool playing skills (i live for this because normally I am the loser... you know... big brother doing my dirty work for me).

2. singing 80's karaoke mercilessly while my children listens with jealousy that they do not know all the words to the songs.

3. screaming ball-room blitz at the top of our lungs while returning from shopping (oh wait...that was last night... and Abbie's sweet friend was saying things like "I have never heard this song before...and your family knows all the words to it, even your little sister") **** The girl in the corner says boy I'm gonna warn ya it'll turn into a ball room blitz...ball room blitz **** I fear I should look up the meaning of this song before I proudly exclaim that my 9 year old knows all the words.. hm...

4.  the decadent dessert that I will make for Christmas day. (I always get to make the dessert and it's almost more fun searching for the perfect dessert than it is eating it. okay...that's a lie.)

5. Opening the spectacular gifts from my darling brother in law, Shelly.  One year he gave haleigh some shoes from the second hand store that had dog poop on the bottom of them. it was awesome!

6. lots and lots and lots of pictures. and lots and lots and lots of pictures. and then lots and lots and lots of pictures.

7. Shawn's aunt shari's appetizer tree

8. pajama pictures (every year I get the girls pajamas and then we take photos of them in them on Christmas eve... some time I will have to post them all.  I have only done it for about 5 years or so)

9. the new guacamole recipe that I have is KILLER. I can't wait to claim it as my own at all of the holiday gatherings! ;)

10. movies, movies, movies... I know of a few movies some people are getting in my family... and they are ones I want to watch.  I am pretty sure one weekend will be movie weekend.

11. cranium cadoo, balderdash, huggermugger, things, what's yours like, to name a few.... we're big gamers here oh yeah.

Well, have a super great fantastic and merry Christmas... and a happy happy happy new year!  May your days be filled with family and fun, and your evenings with laughter and joy!

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Anonymous said…
LOVE the look of your blog!!!!!!! It goes perfectly with my living room so I should just leave your blog up 24/7 so my computer screen can coordinate. This way I can always keep up with what is going on in your life... since I don't get to see you or talk to you anymore :( Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS Dull As Dishwater family!
Heth said…
I might crash some of your holiday fun. It sounds like you guys have some good times. Eat a piece of that cranberry delight thingy for me. Yum!
Angela said…
Your games couldn't have been as fun as our Taboo/Outburst night, right? :-) We played Catchphrase and Cranium WOW this year. Oh, and Boggle. I kind of rule at Boggle. Come on. Challenge me. I would love to play you.

I want some more cranberry cake, too!! I'm still dreaming about it.
melanie said…
should. have. stayed. with. you. here.
love you to pieces.
and we want pj pictures.

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