Monday, June 29, 2009

this weekend

This weekend we ...

* mowed 2 acres of grass
* weeded the garden (minus the corn and pumpkins, we're not talking about them)
* attended church outdoors in the blustery wind (but it was a great service about Joseph)
* found a new home for the screens in our garage (a rack built by shawn)
* washed and waxed the car inside and out (then promptly went out and drove on a gravel road)
* took the mound of recycling to the recycle center
* layed in the sun
* sat in the hot tub
* grilled pork chops twice
* finished the laundry
* put up some string for the peas to climb on
* built a couple fences to control the pumpkins (I don't think there is any controlling to them)
* harvested the last of the spinach.
* harvested cilantro, basil, thyme, onions, lettuce
* decided the iceberg lettuce is just decoration and not edible.
* took a nap
* read a book

We need a few more productive weekends like this one.


Heth said...

Holy cow. You guys sure know how to make the most of a weekend!

Talk to me about the strings for the peas. What can I use to make my cucumbers go up and not grab on to the nearby tomatoes?

momzie said...

whoa, that was a list! I need a weekend like that. Did you say cilantro? Love. It.