Friday, September 25, 2009


Chrysanthemama is having a fun contest and I hope I win! I love Starbucks coffee... you should check it out on her site here.

I commented about how much I love fall on her site.... so I thought I'd say a bit more.

I love fall.

Love it.

Love Love Love it.

I love the sights of fall: one of the things I am most excited about this year is my awesome pumpkins from our garden. We have about a dozen of them all over the place.. and they are so. cute.

I also love fall food: I can't wait for my first opportunity to settle in for a cool evening with hot soup and some hard crusted bread, followed up by a pan of pumpkin bars oozing with cream cheese frosting and hot coffee with vanilla caramel creamer. mmm mmm good.

And the smell... the cool crisp breeze and fresh air in fall. I love it.

Looking forward to a couple months of my favorite season of all.


Heth said...

All that talk of fall food almost makes me like fall too. I'm really just using it for the pumpkin bars.

You might actually have to cook your own pumpkins this year if the stores don't get the canned stuff soon.

Devoted Momma said...

It's my favorite season too Tina =).. and you and my momma are so alike. She uses the same flavor creamer as you.