Sunday, September 27, 2009


Fortune cookies from two weeks ago:

Tina's: Traveling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness.

Shawn's: Modify your thinking to handle new situations.

This week, I started a new job and I drive 25 minutes (yes you guessed it south) each morning. My man is having a difficult time with this new schedule... maybe he just needs to modify his thinking. ;)


Heth said...

Crack me up.

Natalie Joy said...

Too funny! Hope it is going well! Love you and miss you.

datri said...

My favorite fortune cookie said "you will live in a new home within the year"

And we bought a house like 9 months later. I actually saved the fortune because I couldn't believe there would put out something so specific!

Angela said...

I just wanted to say...I don't think that traveling south brought you much happiness. Although you are still technically traveling south for work. And it's much happier. Right?