Friday, September 10, 2010


Abbie leaves home in 6 days…. and leaves the country in 10 days.

Earlier this week, we had a get together with some of her friends.  A great group of girls.  I love them all like they are my own daughters.

They’ve been friends for a long long time, growing up, sharing hopes, dreams. Sharing life.

For the past 18 years, we’ve done all we can to train and raise Abbie to be a God-fearing, people-loving follower of Christ. 

A baseball player isn’t really a baseball player, unless he plays baseball… a truck driver isn’t really a truck driver unless he drives truck.

And a Christian isn’t really a Christian unless he follows Christ.

It will be hard to see Abbie go a very long ways away this year.  But, she knows this is what she is called to do.  And, as scary as it is for a mom to see your daughter move across the world, I’d rather have her go to a foreign land and follow Christ, than stay in the comfort of her own home, and not.


Abbies friend get together (4)

Abbies friend get together (63)

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Devoted Momma said...

Amen Tina! Great way to look at it.. It will be an awesome experience for her. Stay encouraged in knowing she is in God's hands ;)