Thursday, September 30, 2010

Purple Ball Infatuation

Waaaaaay back at Abbie’s graduation, we decorated at her grad party with these purple topiaries…

Abbie Graduation 2010 057

the purple topiaries were shoved in the basement…and then became decorations for the baby shower…

104 085 080

And when the baby shower was over, they kind of just “hung” around for a while because we were too lazy to get the ladder out to take them down.  That’s when we realized it.

My granddaughter is infatuated with the purple balls.  Every time she sees them, she breaks into a huge grin.  She just LOVES them.

Eily loves the purple balls 003

It’s so sweet….

So, Haleigh and I decided to put them in her room.

IMG_3784 IMG_3789

Bring on the constant joy of the purple balls!


Shan said...

so cute!!!!

melanie said...

Cutie Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWW... LOVE HER.

*still smiling*