Thursday, September 02, 2010

life is fun with the 14 of us…

For a few weeks, we have some friends living with us.  They are moving to Trinidad to be missionaries, and needed to be out of their lease before they leave.  So, we were very excited to have them living with us!

The other day, Josh said “this is the closest thing to communal living I’ve ever experienced”.  It’s been so great!

I love to witness interactions between family members… and lifestyles of others.  It’s so great. 

For instance, Josh’s disciplining tools…


Melanie is awesome and whipping up food in a hurry and having it ready early.  I need to take lessons in this department.



Oli…well, he’s a monkey apparently.


In all the excitement, our kitty Gucci just hides wherever she can.


In a few weeks, this family will move to Trinidad.  All seven of them.  I’m going to miss them….

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