Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I discovered a great tool at familyfun.com. You should check it out. If you go to the "recipe" section... and look at their recipes, you can create an account and a "recipe box".

Then, you can print a grocery list. It prints out in an organized format, and you take it to the grocery store and get everything you need!

I have another one at meals.com - that's a pretty good site too, but the shopping list prints out for each meal, not as a whole compiled list, so it's a bit harder to find your way through it.

The menu this week:

Mon: Grilled Steaks and Salads
Tues: Beef Penne Pasta Casserole with breadsticks
Wed: Smoked Turkey Wraps and fresh fruit salad
Thurs: Morroccan Chicken Kebabs, Rice, and Jello Salad
Fri: Black Bean Chicken and Cheese Bake, Chips and Guacamole
Sat: Stuffed Pasta Shells and Tossed Salad


moe said...

Sounds Great! I'll be over on Monday, Tuesday and Friday! What kind of wine goes with black bean Chicken? Sangria? ;)

Natalie Joy said...

OOOO, that does sound ymmy and what a great idea. I'm going to go visit familyfun now.

Angela said...

You rule...sounds very fun!

T said...

Moe, doesn't Smoked Turkey Wraps and Morroccan Chicken Kebabs sound good to you? Why not Wed and Thurs???? :)

Heth said...

Um, we had hot dogs for supper tonight......

You're killing me here.