Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the FireFly World Record

Lightning, Sparky, Allen, Jessica, Tom -

Those were the names of the fireflies Emily caught and put in a jar at Grammas house. It was a georgous night out... just the perfect night for fireflies. They were everywhere! One got out in the house, because he was too little. Allen. She let him go. Too small to be captive in the jar with nail-sized holes.

Goodbye Allen. We will miss you...

"Sparky, you sure are a big healthy guy. Such a great light you blink so quickly!"

"Grampa, do you think 15 lightning bugs is enough for a world record? Or how many do you think would be a world record?"

"I dunno, I think you might have it there... "

I flashed back for a moment to my childhood. I was a little more volatile with my lightning bug collection. I would always rip off the light and try to make beautiful glowing bracelets and neclaces and rings....

ew. bug guts all over me. yuk.


Heth said...

That girl is so stinkin cute.

Beefy said...

I was never brave enough to pull bugs apart. we'd just throw them on the ground sometimes and step on them while we slid our feet back to make this cool single line of glow. WOW! :) Where's the camera??