Saturday, June 03, 2006

sorry people

Sorry sorry sorry....

I am having some technical difficulties with blogger and it is a pain in the drain to post anything!

Ang said my blog is dying a slow death... I have lots of things to share, just can't quite do it.

Hopefully, I will get it corrected and have something exciting soon.

I miss you TOO!


Natalie Joy said...

Yay!! Glad to know there is a reason you haven't been blogging. I, of all people, understand the many reasons, so I was giving you grace. Hope it starts working better for you.

Heth said...

Miss you!

Angela said...

After I give you a hard time, then I go and don't blog for over a week. Well, it's just because I missed you! But now VBS has taken over, so we'll see if I can squeeze in a blog or two over the next few weeks.