Sunday, July 09, 2006

busy day

I feel like we've crammed 4 days into one today.
We went to church at the park.
Stayed for the potluck. We never like to miss out on a good church potluck.
Left the potluck.
Went to a host family orientation for our foreign exchange student. (they served ice cream sundaes... we like it already!)
Came home and planned our worship music for next Sunday's family service.
Took some family photos to send to Julia and her family. (She comes in a few weeks and we haven't sent any photos yet!)
Went grocery shopping.
Cooked a late supper.

Seriously, to list it all out is exhausting. I wanted a nap too! But, it didn't fit into the schedule. Well, except for that 15 minutes on the way home from the meeting....

Here are some photos from our family photo shoot! You should have heard all the grumbling trying to get these taken.


Heth said...

You guys are so, so, so, cute! I love the one with all of your faces.

momzie said...

When her friends and family see the photos of her exchange family, there's going to be a hundred applications just to come join your family!

Beefy said...

Too adorable! How long did all those take again?

Natalie Joy said...

cute photos. Your new family member will be so excited to get them.

meLanie said...

they are so sweet! i like how you managed to keep Abbie's cast out of most of them, poor girl! Now we have a little girl that is banned from the pool too! they are great though!

amy flege said...

awe.. look at all that togetherness!! those turned out great!