Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What is it about women?
By nature, women can be so nasty and mean. If left to their own devices, women can be such monsters. Competitive, backbiting, jealousy. It's insane what we are capable of. I know. I am one.

One of the hardest challenges in life is being a sister. Sisters are the best of friends and the worst of enemies all in one. Sisters can rival and fight and bite and kick and scratch. There is no worse fight than two sisters. I know. I am one.

I recently read an article about the ego of a musician. It talked about the struggle of a musican, a Christian musician in particular in keeping their focus on God and not themselves. When a musician constantly gets approval from others, they focus on gaining approval from others. We are all born with a need for approval and continue to look for praise and approval. It's a struggle for everyone. But, particularly a musician because so much of what they do is of themselves, and so much of their work is direct from them. There is a profound difference between a healthy ego and an arrogant attitude. The Christian musician is always struggling to maintain this healthy ego and confidence without being arrogant. The goal is to be intoxicated with Christ, not intoxicated with praise from others and desiring self-gratification. It's a clear line. But, Christian musicians who desire to glorify God are always checking their attitude and spirit to be sure that they are right with God staying focused on God - and not on their own ability and gifts and talents. I know. I am one.

This Sunday, our family is doing worship at our family reunion church service.
6 musicians.
5 of them female.
4 of them sisters.

Practicing has been a challenge to say the least. a swarm of bees comes to mind.
I raised a bunch of leaders. And for leaders to ALL lead at the same time, well, lets just say we can go in too many directions.

And yet, as I think about it, I know that if we can all focus on WHO we are representing and if we can lay aside our own egos, and allow God to mold us, what a powerful witness it can be.

As I sat behind the controls of the sound system and watched them practice to lead worship for the One True God, I was humbled by His love for us. He has given our girls such incredible gifts and talents. To be used for Him.

Faithful Father I surrended
All to you
All my love and my devotion
All to you.

Tears streamed down my face as I recognized the beauty of what the Lord is doing and working in each one of my girls. Some of the songs were challenging and difficult. But, when they pulled it together and worked together. Amazing.

I pray earnestly that God would step in and make it all worth it. That He would take us, each as a vital part of this family, and each as a vital part of the Body of Christ, and mold us into one unit with one purpose. To see Christ Glorified.

Why do I worry?
Why do I worry about tomorrow?
You are the One who
Holds the Future
In Your hands.

We are learning so much.

Yes, I have a family of leaders. Yet, to become a great leader, God is beginning to show them how to be a great follower.

It is my prayer that we would be led by the Holy Spirit.


Heth said...


Can I come to your family reunion? I want to be a part of the amazing worship you guys are going to have. I'll be a long lost cousin or something.

meLanie said...

i am amazed by your girls, they are incredible, they have an awesome example to look to. i am sure the weekend will be fabulous, i can not imagine worship at a family reunion, how cool is that? does horseshoes and beer at ours compare??

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

Neat T....You guys should lead worship some Sunday Morning...You all have Great Voices.

Danielle said...

I found your site through Diane's. This post pierces me, sister. Women can be such attention hogs. I'm guilty! Yet, who isn't guilty! I dated a musician for 5 years and it was agony...his ego! But that was long before I found the Lord. But what you are writing about here is so very real. That need for attention...I struggle with this...

I really needed to read this post today. I'm glad God lead me to it!