Monday, July 24, 2006

why o why?

I knew that I had too many. Why is it that sometimes when you can't remember if you have any while you are at the grocery store, you just go ahead and buy some anyway? Well, that's me and karo syrup.

I've known it for a long time. At one time, I had 6 bottles of karo syrup. When I first realized it, I just went cold turkey. Everytime I wanted to make something with karo syrup, I just wouldn't buy it. Because I knew I had it. One time, I couldn't remember how many I had gotten down to so I bought one, then found three more. So, I just decided NO MORE karo.

Well, tonight I decided to make Special K bars. I looked in every cupboard, every cabinet, every shelf, and I began to panic. Until I finally found it. My last bottle of karo syrup. Now the trick is going to be knowing how many times I have used it so that I don't go overboard again.

Last night Haleigh made my world famous chocolate eclair. You're supposed to drizzle chocolate ice cream topping over it to make it even more scrumptious than it already is. She couldn't find any chocolate topping so she had to skip that part.

While I was searching for the karo syrup, I found three containers of chocolate ice cream topping... and four bottles of vinegar scattered throughout the kitchen.

Just thought I'd share that. I know - it doesn't matter to you. But, maybe I could use my blog as my personal grocery checklist since nobody reads it anymore.


Heth said...

I read it.

I have ten boxes of mac and cheese in my pantry. But that won't last long.

The eclair bars are FABULOUS! I have been eating them for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Oh and for snacks and bedtime snacks. Too bad Nate is out of town.....
*evil grin*

Sorry about Lost. Once he gets home we can try to get it figured out.

T said...

thanks heth... your such a loyal blog friend! :)

meLanie said...

summer must be like dead blog time huh? that and i moved my computer so i get on it like once a week..
i've never tried the eclair bars, sounds yummy. love special k bars though, but i eat the whole pan-i'm a little compulsive. are the syrup jars a little like shawn's drugs??

T said...

yeah, I totally didn't mean that comment to be a guilt trip. :) I just reread it and that's how it came off... good grief. sorry guys!

hannahjoy said...

that sounds like my mom and her ranch dressing. she has to have like 8 bottles.