Saturday, July 01, 2006

IC Caramel

Fill 16 ounce cup with ice.
Fill cup 1 inch from top with Half and Half
Pull 2 ounces of espresso onto about 4 pumps of caramel

I'm not sure of the exact quantity of caramel in oz.
Experiment if you don't have access to a pump style caramel.

Mix caramel and espresso thoroughly before pouring over ice and milk.

Blend thoroughly.

Decorate and top with whipped cream.


amy flege said...

oh yummmmmmmmy! i gotta make that sucker!!

meLanie said...

ok so now you are my hero. as if you weren't before!!
i love it!!! i gotta make one of those babies, but first i have to buy the big straws!!

Beefy said...

Your blog makes me hungry.