Thursday, December 14, 2006

a child of the 80's

Since you already know I am a prodigy of the 80's.... I thought I'd share some of my proof...

1. I know who Don Johnson is.
2. I heard all about it, but I never watched it...and never found out who shot JR.
3. I know the meaning of "WAX ON" and "WAX OFF".
4. I wore lace gloves with the fingers cut off.
5. I LOVED my parachute pants.
6. Clap on... Clap off.
7. I know what a Valley Girl is.
8. 8675309
9. I turned up the collar of my polo shirts.
10. Where's the beef? -- was the BEST ever.
11. Frosted blue eye shadow
12. Feathered bangs
13. oooooooh noooooooo Mr. Bill!
14. The cool people carried their boom box on their shoulder
15. I want to go where everybody knows your name!
16. I had so many colors of jelly shoes... will they ever come back?
17. Battlestar Galactica and Pac Man were the best!
18. I watched School house Rock
19. I actually saw music videos on MTV
20. Wonder Twin Powers... Activate!


Chris said...

Can you hear us laughing hystercally from accross 10th St....

what about...
-Queen...and another one bites the dust
-Rock Lobster, Divo, and the B52's
-We remember seeing Rocky in the theatre (and I mean the first one)
-mini skirts came back for the first time with big gold belts and ruffled shirts
-dolphin shorts
-We bought our first 2 Head VCR for $400 in 1986 the year we were married.
-I wore spandex and leotards to the gym with leg warmers and head is when it was important to look cute when you worked out

Ok, I am going to stop...I am beginning to feel old.

Chris said...

By the way thanks for leaving me a comment and I am glad to have found your blog.

Anonymous said...

ok so i was like 8... but i didn't realize that the 80s were such a big part of my childhood, break out the boom box, lets rat our hair, and have an 80s party! Chris- go for the leg warmers!! -mel

hannahjoy said...

I think you should post a picture of you with your parachute pants and lace gloves.

amy flege said...

ooh the good ol days!!!!!!

Beefy said...

CLARA PELLER - Where's the beef? HAHAHA - one of the ONLY things I remember from American History. Thanks for the reminder - who would teach something like that in a history class anyway? Want to know the other thing? Chuck Barry did the duck walk while trying to get the wrinkles out of his pants that the cleaners didn't get right - and it just caught on. I PromiSe it was a history class.

Beefy said...

Oh, leg warmers. ponytails on one side of your head. Tight-rolling your jeans. Tying a button-up shirt in the front at the belly button. *singing* We didn't start the fire....