Friday, December 15, 2006

the paw prints

I wish I had taken a photo of the paw prints that were on our front door the other morning when we woke up.... and on our back door... and our front window..... and all over the wood floor in the house.

I woke up in the morning and as we were getting the girls all ready for school and off, I noticed them. There was a trail of paw prints all over the house in a little trail like the "Family Circus" comic strip. At first I didn't realize what they were, and then I asked the girls...

One of our cats (the one that is afraid of the outside) had gotten out the night before and nobody noticed. In the morning when we got up, she was cold and meowing at the front door and when they let her in, her muddy paws (it was raining) left tracks all over.

It was two days before I had time to clean up the paw prints. But, I did it today. As I cleaned them up, I noticed there were paw prints all over the place. Every door, a couple of windows....

And I also noticed the neighbors dog prints in the driveway. I call him Lucky...not sure what his name is. But, I am sure old Lucky did a number on the poor cat left outside that night.

Of course, I let my mind imagine that the cat was scared out of her wits, and pawed all night trying to get in the house to safety from the cold and the rain...and the dog.

I secretly hope she learned a lesson and she'll stop trying to get outside. But, I'm sure she will go back out ... even though it's dangerous out there.

I feel like that sometimes don't you? Make a mistake in life and then desperately try to scratch your way back in with God to a place of safety and security. He always opens the door. I bet He hopes we will learn our lesson too.

2 Samuel 22: 3 says "God is my savior".


Heth said...

And He awlways helps up clean up the muddy mess we have made.

meLanie said...

Last week ours was locked in the closet, but instead of meowing for helped he clawed and scratched up the closet until it was destroyed and a huge mess. such as my life, great insight t.

Beefy said...

Very good blog - that will be my ponder point this week.