Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm back.
I had a fabulous weekend.
I want to show you pictures.
But, I can't. Because I can't find the cord thingy that hooks up to my old school digital camera to download the pics onto the computer.
So, you lose today with no pictures.

Seriously though... I haven't been to ALL of the women's conferences in the world. But, this one... was the best one I have ever been to. Really. I wish you all could have come. It would have been so fun for you too.

They did so many incredible things. I took my daughter Abbie, and sis in law, Shanda. (age 15 & 16). They had a fabulous time. I think that their fun time had something to do with the free stuff they gave away at this conference. Lots of free stuff. Note to self: give away free stuff. People like it.

I came home with the following items:
- a magnet
- a sticker that says "you are beautiful"
- a canvas bag
- a sample of starbucks coffee beans
- a fabulous awesome lipgloss
- a flower bulb
- a vitamin water
- 3 full size bags of starbucks coffee beans
- not 1 - not 2 - but 3 - yes 3! new starbucks coffee cups
- a sucker - which I ate already so technically I didn't come home with it.
- a worship cd
- a devotional cd

The worship was fabulous... we had this girl - she was great.
We also had the worship team with this leader. They were fabulous.


Diana said...

oh awesome! who doesn't love free stuff? I have heard that some corporations will give free stuff to non-profit events. Janny got cocoa from Nestle for the What's up? tour back in 99.

Sarah said...

Sounds so GOOD! Enjoy your coffee ;)

ann said...

You're so cute, Tina. You cracked me up with the "I lost the cord thingie" thing.

Sounds like a great time! Lots of cool stuff, too. I love Sarah Kelly's song "Take Me Away." Did she sing it there?

naomi said...

what!!!? 3 coffe cups AND 3 bags of beans...??? and the lip gloss. and you got to hang out with all those crazy girls! I am SO jealous.

His Girl said...

Hey! Sarah Kelly calls our church home-- isn't she just FANTASTIC???? She leads worship for us about once a month when she's not touring and I just soak it all in!!!!

Glad you're back and blogging :)

PJ said...

Totally cool! Sounds like a great time.

Heth said...

Free coffee. Love it.