Saturday, April 05, 2008


I told my husband this morning that I need to hire a full time maid. Either that or I need a bull whip for my family. Here's why.

Warning: The pictures you are about to see are explicit and filthy in nature. Downright ew.
The Kitchen: Yes, that is a sock you see on the TABLE in photo #2 - the good news is that it is clean.

The Dining Room Table:

The family room windows. What you see here are blankets all hung up. This picture doesn't do it justice. But, there are about 8 of them because the kids wanted to watch a movie during the day... a couple of weeks ago.

A random sock. I think there are about 7 of these laying in various places around here.

A pencil and paper in the bathroom downstairs. Because you never know when you might need to write notes in there?

Living Room:

Spare Bedroom: Nobody actually inhabits this space in my house. Hence, the word "Spare". However, someone has been inflitrating the spare camp slowly...

Laundry/Mud Room: (Could this be my maid?)

I wish I could say this was a few isolated rooms. It's not. It includes in my house. There are things laying around all over the place. Tennis rackets in the middle of the hallway. Paper pieces all over the place. Popcorn on the stairs. and this photo below shows boxes of things one of the kids boxed up because they have to go through it. It got in the way in her bedroom, so she carried it out to the family room. what the???

Yes, we have clothing in places it should be. Here you see jeans and dirty clothes in the toy room. Now, who was stripping in there? and why???

The grandaddy of all messes:

You know, ... little can be said here. THIS is the culprit who has been moving into the spare bedroom. Probably because there is nowhere else to make a mess in her room.

And the grossest of all gross. The fish tank. Oh no... don't worry. there is no fish in there. The fish died. months. ago.

But, I am standing my ground. I will NOT! clean this up if it is years that it stays there. It is the principal of the thing here ladies. I will not do it.

Okay... so, really, this blog today should encourage you. You just can't beat it can you?


Sarah said...

Why do I smile at your messy house and cry at mine?!?! You're SO not alone :)

His Girl said...

my house is still worse upstairs. we finally have a slight handle on our bottom story, but my top story is so bad i can't even post pics.

what have i been doing about this?

why, i've been entering daily at to win a year of free maid service, of course.

you should try too! but if you win, you have to be my bff forever!

Diana said...

Well, I've been thinking about inventing a dining table that repels anything but mealtime settings. Also countertop. One time when I cleared my dining table I set one solitary thing on it, a note that said-"Don't even THINK of putting that here!" Unfortunately, that lasted only a short time!!

Ann said...

This was such a fun post! I love it! I think I will do that too, post pictures of my house as-is. My favorite part in your pictures was seeing my cute little niece on that bulletin board :)

PJ said...

:) I could have posted worse while my boys were at home!! One winter I got creative. The house was absolutely buried in hats, coats, boots, gloves. (It's bundle-up weather here in Chicago at least 11 months out of the year!!)

So we instituted a "Kitty". If your coat, boots, hat, gloves were left lying around, it cost you $1. Your name was post-it noted on the dollar. Parents were included. At the end of the week, the person with the least post-it notes got to keep the money!!! it worked!!! My younger son was soooooo good at catching hubby and me. And he'd chuckle. Sure enough he usually won. Although after the second week, there wasn't enough money in the kitty to bother....AND the coats were hung up!!

But he didn't care. If he could get an extra dollar or two a week, he was delighted. That first week?? The kitty was somewhere over $20.00

Heth said...

I love you.

Beefy said...

You are absolutely adorable.

Imagine how irritating it will be when the kids have left the nest and it's gets to be a mess....who do you blame it on then?? lol, I bet it's coming, baby.