Wednesday, April 09, 2008

10 Random things for Wednesday

1 - the number of days I have until I leave to go to a women's conference with the girls!

2 - the number of weeks I have had my cold... and the number of other people's children I had at my house last night (it was fun!)... and the number of tax returns I completed in one hour last night (my girls ... 1040ez is pretty slick when you're that young)

3 - the number of meals I have actually cooked at my house this week... and the number of days I will be gone to the aforementioned retreat.... and the number of days I have had to work this week.

4 - the number of times my husband's cell phone rang (and was answered) during our lunch "date" this afternoon.

5 - the number of minutes I have to finish typing this.

6 - the number of ibuprofen I have taken today to rid myself of a vicious headache (it worked!) ..and the number of days I have to get my house whipped into shape for a bridal shower there. yikes! you KNOW that's a task that isn't done yet as stated in my previous posts.

7 - the number of days in this week - okay so... I can't think of anything else for 7

8 - the number of weeks until the week of my 40th birthday. Can you BELIEVE THAT? I am so old!

9 - the number of days until my brother in law Shelly gets to spend the weekend with us. He just got out of the hospital and we're looking forward to a fun weekend with him.

10 - the number of sugar packets my husband consumed at lunch today. I prove it with this picture from his camera phone. count them. he was buzzing all afternoon.


naomi said...

yah- have lots of fun at the conference... wish i were goin with you!!

His Girl said...

1,000,000- the number I choose, on a scale of 1 to 10, to describe how much i love your blog.


Heth said...

So you had some Asian cuisine? Are you the bear, monkey, snake, ox or whatever other animals there are? Those are super fun to read.

You will TOTALLY have your house ready for that shower. Even if you clean at 3 in the morning like you sometimes do. Hey, next time you can't sleep, come clean my house.

momzie said...

Have a wonderful time with your girls! But my favorite on your list is Shelly coming to your home. What a gift that is.
And forty is gonna be old?? HA! will you be surprised. You are forever 23, Kiddo. Young at heart and spunky fun.

ann said...

Ooh! I hope you're having a great time at the conference!

Beefy said...

Put a box on the edge of the table, and swipe. Then place box in closet. :) FYI, works great if you run out of time.

His Girl said...

6- the number of days you've deprived your readership of posts.


come back when you can, sis. we miss u.