Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm not as bright as I look

Two things:
1. I wanted to call my friend Janine this morning. So, I picked up the phone and dialed. I don't really call her that often. Rarely, actually. But, I have this wierd thing with phone numbers. I remember them. So, I dialed her number.

"No... this is Marla."

I realized at this point that I dialed the wrong number. And soon, you will know how small my town is.

"Oh. Hey Marla. This is Tina Last Name. I think I dialed the wrong number"
"Oh hey Tina. How have you been lately?"
"Great! It was nice talking to you. Have a great day!"

Now... I need to explain. I did not know Marla's number. I have never called Marla that I know of. I know her because our kids were in the same grade together a few years ago before they graduated. But, I recognized her voice as long as she said her name and could have a conversation with her. I feel like I live in Mayberry. Seriously.

2. I did something really really really dumb. I went to visit my friend Mel today. And I had decided I was going to go for a walk later. Her dog was driving her crazy. So, I said... hey, I'm going for a walk. Why don't I take Gus with me?

So, I did. I put Gus in my car. But, he stunk really really baaaaaaaad. I almost didn't make it home with him. (Not dog neglect here... they've been in Africa for a few weeks and I'm pretty sure life with the kids and family has become priority over getting the dog washed on the list of "first things to do when we get back from Africa".)

So, I thought... hey... I know. I'll bless my friend by giving her dog a quick bath before I take him for a walk.

Those of you that have dogs .... are pretty much laughing hysterically right now. Those of you that don't.... don't understand what is so funny.

I mean... heck. I've given dogs baths lots of times when I was a kid. How hard can it be? I have kids. I give them baths regularly. Not that hard. Ten minutes max. Then go for the walk. Then, we're good ... and we've blessed our friend.

So, I put the dog in the tub. Actually, he's pretty good at baths. He just stood there while I dumped loads of water on him and massaged him with Pantene Pro V. He was quite enjoying the attention.

In fact, he did good through the whole thing. The water was black... and that was kind of nasty. But, all in all it went quite well.

Until... I said he could come out. And he shook off in the bathroom. Uh... yeah... that. was. dumb. I didn't think that through completely.

After I got him into the garage, I went back to tackle the bathroom wall and mirror and baseboard and floor cleanup.

I didn't have a lot of time so I just did a once over and figured I'd get back to it after I took the cute little (big) guy back to his home.

So, I went to the garage to get a mop... and I had to clean up the garbage the not-so-cute thing had gotten into.

The bathroom and the rest of the garage will have to wait...It's time now to take the mangy mutt for a walk.


melanie said...

mangie mutt????
you are such a freak!!!! you crack me up... anyone who would bathe that mongrel i know really loves me...
he misses you and em.. i think he wants to come back.. permenantly????

melanie said...

he's seriously going thro tina withdraw today..

His Girl said...

hysterical... still giggling at the image :)

Heth said...

Oh Gus.