Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Random posts are always what we bloggers resort to when we can't really think of any one topic to blog about. 

We brought our kids along to our business meetings this week (2 kids + 1 friend) and while we sit in meetings learning about how business is changing, the kids will be at the indoor waterpark.  Since we've gotten here, so far, all we've done is eat. 

I critiqued this hotel last year here.  I have dreamt about that Lemon Berry Torte all year long.  I hope they have it again.  But, really what are the chances?  I was wondering if I should take my camera to all of the dinners just in case... so I can post a picture of that deliciousness. 

The funny thing is... after staying at the lavish hotels in Vegas a couple weeks ago, all midwest hotels seem quite boring. That's just so unfair.

Just a little notice to all of you.... btw.  Tomorrow is THE Day for Shawn's birthday.  If you have his cell number, text him a little birthday message. :)  He won't text back.  He can't. I mean that.  He is no good at it.  But, also his cell plan isn't unlimited texting like mine. :)


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melanie said...

we miiiiiiissssssssss you already:)
yipee for shawn's birthday!!! you should celebrate with some type of wacky challenge that only a nutso person would create...
have fun swimming!!

Heth said...

I hope they have the Lemon Berry Torte. If they do, bring me a piece home in your purse.