Monday, November 10, 2008

my weekend - in pictures

I should add "not-so-good" pictures. And don't worry. I won't post a whole lot of my bad photos.
I will get the hang of it. But, why is it that it LOOKS like it's in focus when I'm taking them. But, when I get them on my computer screen, they aren't.
Friday Night - she wanted to get her nose pierced but the piercing lady wasn't there. (She did it the next day instead without me and my camera)

Saturday morning coffee - my best friend Mary. I love our Saturday morning coffee time. I love Mary.

I was waiting with my camera when she woke up - I needed a subject to practice on.
Our kitty Gucci was the victim of much picture practice this weekend.
My husband is a bass player. I haven't heard him play for a few months. It was nice to hear him on Saturday.
He taught Abbie a couple of chords.
Abbers was in "Les Miserable" High School Musical on Saturday.

Aunt Shera and Shanda came with us to the musical.

We were running a bit late for church on Sunday morning.
This is what happens in the car when we're late.

This was our Sunday morning coffee because we were running late.
The windshield on Sunday morning - dang. Winters coming.
Sunday afternoon Em had a dance recital. And we went to the World Vision Africa Aids Exhibit.
Sunday night we had some friends over for a new dessert I tried out. I left the camera put away because I think my family had enough of it by then.


ann said...

I'm so glad you got that camera, these pictures are so FUN! Melanie is just so dang cute, and so are your girls :)

melanie said...

love the glasses on em!! i think you put the wrong pic of me in??..thanks for being there, i brain you.
what did you think of the world vision thing?? i am thinking that instead of watching the kids- we should leave them with abbie and shanda and you two should come with.

Anonymous said...

these are fun. i cant wait to see the new camera!

oh and Gucci is HUGE. what are you feeding her?
she needs you to play with her :)

Heth said...

Fun. Fun, fun, fun. I love these.