Friday, November 07, 2008

It's HERE!!!!!

I thought about just posting all the 250 pictures I took in the last 24 hours, but I'm pretty sure you would have no fun with that... so here are a few...

This is the new beast. Isn't it exciting?

Shawn went home yesterday during lunch and brought it back. It had arrived and was at the house, so he brought it back and decided to charge the battery and get it ready because he knew I wouldn't want to wait.

Since we were both at the office, I didn't have many choices, so I took a few dozen shots of him and Barth.

When we went home, the girls were more than happy to pose.


ann said...

YAY!!! That was really thoughtful of your husband to get the battery all charged for you!

Heth said...

You are going to love comparing your first few photos with what you can do in a few weeks even. I printed my first two or three photos, they were horrible, but I wanted to document. Yours are a whole lot better than mine, girl.