Monday, November 03, 2008


With election day tomorrow, we have had a couple of friends ask us about how we advise them to make a decision on judges. Voting for judges seems so strange because there isn't enough information on them to make a decision.

In 2002, the US Supreme court decided that it was lawful for judges to answer questions regarding their views on issues. You can see that supreme court ruling here if you would like.

However, many judges refuse to answer. This is my thinking on judges.

If I were to have someone come to my company and ask for a job - a job they will have for anywhere from 2 years to a lifetime - and they would like to be paid anywhere from $130,000 to $230,000 a year - I would have to ask them a lot of questions before I hire them.

Questions like... what is your philosophy of this business?
Questions like... what is your vision for this company?
Questions like... what are your short term and long term goals?

If that person could not answer those questions, would I hire him or her?

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Heth said...

Dang it. I wish I would have read this yesterday. I totally didn't know how to vote on the judges, so I just left them blank. I didn't feel informed enough to decide either way.