Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Psalm 25:12 Who are those that fear the Lord? He will show them the path they choose.

Today, I have a profound sense of euphoria at being a citizen of the United States.

I know that the election may or may not go the way I voted. I am not naïve and know that in a few weeks or months, I will most likely be outraged at a decision one or all of the elected officials have chosen to make.

But, today, it’s Election Day. Today, everyday citizens like you and me, choose who our next leader will be. We will vote. And we will get what we asked for.

I encourage you today to cast the ballot of your choice.

And may the best man win.


melanie said...

i need to go. but i really don't want to. i know all the reasons why i should, and yet i rebel cause i stink like that. i might write you in.

Heth said...

Now I'm all curious. Did Melanie vote? If you didn't Mel, we might just have to blame the demise of the country on you. :) KIDDING!

Good stuff Tina. Good stuff.

(You are never going to guess what the word verification for this post is... regrets. I'm not even kidding. The letters spell regrets.)