Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hotel Critic Extraordinaire

Well, it’s 10pm. We’re in our hotel room. I have to admit… this hotel is much much nicer than the one we stayed in last night… and for the same money. That is one of the benefits of a big business meeting. Good rates at great hotels. However, the wireless internet here is pretty much stinky. Really stinky. Okay… really really stinky. So, despite the indoor water park, condo“ish” room, arcades, starbucks (yes, this is a big bonus)… I still have to say one negative – sorry.

I have tried various parts of the hotel room to acquire the wireless access. The sofa worked for a while, then quit… the bathroom worked once,… and now I’m sitting on the floor in front of the door… maybe if I stand on my head and just. try. to.….. nope.

Here is a recap of the day. Our room is (as mentioned above) condo“ish”. I say that because although it is in the “condo” area, it is actually a room with two beds, a sleeper sofa, a mini microwave, and a tiny refrigerator tucked under the sink. So, it’s really just a room with a condo title. Hence “ish”.

We arrived here just in time for lunch today. Lunch was lasagna and mexicorn. Kind of an interesting combination. Then, we went to “meetings”. Okay… I can’t lie. We skipped the meetings and went to the waterpark with the girls. I thought nobody would notice. We just kind of thought it would be a good opportunity to have some family time. Then, later at dinner, a bunch of people came up to us and said “hey… we missed you. I heard you were at the waterpark”. Uh? Huh? Er…well… uh… you know. Oops. Busted.

So, after the waterpark, we went to dinner. Yeah, okay … food to food to food. We are such lushes. But, hey, that’s the way it is. So, dinner was ohmygosh… fabulous. Salads… cream of potato soup that was… we were already getting full. Then, the main dish came out. Yummy baked chicken AND filet mignon (yes both), twice baked potato, steamed veggies, whole wheat rolls. And just when I thought I was going to explode with yummyness, they brought out the dessert. It was the absolute most fabulous dessert I think I have ever had in my entire life! No kidding. Emily’s words were “mom, this dessert makes my toes tingle”. Mine too! And I have had a lot of fabulous desserts. I think they called it Lemon Berry Torte. It was a very moist layered cake that had like a lemon cheesecake filling, and a sugared berry topping …. I was so full but it was so delicious. I lavished every bite then wanted to go and casually stuff the leftovers into my purse to gorge later on. I now know the meaning of “visions of sugarplums dancing in your head”. So far, in the food category, definitely five star here. And just the simple fact that we have had dessert with. Every. Meal. Is enough to tickle your taste buds. We were just wondering a while ago if we would get dessert in the morning too? Please?

After the dinner, there were some awards and I beamed as my husband walked to the front and gathered the one for our company… silently praying he didn’t trip or anything like that. For a really tough year for home builders, we’re still alive and kicking.

Truth be told, I think I could start a new business in hotel-reviews as a backup. I could go to all these fabulous hotels and then write reviews on the experience. Do people do that? I should really look into that. Hotel Critic Extraordinaire.

Ah… the night ends here. With me typing this entry for my blog, and Shawn and the girls watching a show on cable about venomous snakes and how they kill or something like that.

Good Night.


Anonymous said...

FYI We had another snow storm here back home. Yup, snow day for the kids!!! Also no church last night. ....I wonder if you will get snowed in up there????

Sounds like a great start to your week. wish we were there!!!

Heth said...

Your dessert descriptions are killing me. Glad you have having fun!