Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dad’s Pimped out blue truck

My Dad’s birthday is in November.  He will be 70.  We all say he’s 70….going on 18. 

He’s funny.  In his retirement, we always joke around that he can’t do more than one thing a day. Like, on Monday, he’ll go to the bank.  Then, on Tuesday, he’ll head to the grocery store. Wednesday he might go to the post office to see what it costs to send something to Trinidad from here.  Then, on Thursday, he’ll go back and get the stamps. 

And yet… when he goes to California to visit family, he still likes to get out the boogie board and try his old tricks.

My brother Todd and I have been discussing what to get him for his birthday.  I usually rely on Todd for the gift ideas.  We decided to go in together and get him a new truck box for his truck.

For a girl, a truck box as a gift is really. really. dumb.  Dear husband, do not ever buy me one for my birthday.

But, for dad… it was good times.  Todd found the truck box on a swap sheet.  He bought it, sanded it, painted it, and then he and dad installed it.  (I just wrote a check and took the photos.)

We’ll officially celebrate his birthday in a month or so…and I will have lots of photos from the party.  But, before the snow flies in the midwest, we decided the truck box gift had better get installed.  I didn’t take “before” pictures.  Because they were too fast for that.  But, here you go… dad’s pimped out truck.

Dad's Pimped Out Truck (1)

 Dad's Pimped Out Truck (7)

Dad's Pimped Out Truck (8)


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Sweet wheels.

I can't wait to be retired and do one thing a day. I love that idea.

PS - I feel a bit like I'm stalking you lately. Hope that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. :) Love you!

Mockers said...

Ha ha! I always say he acts like he's 15. So we are agreed on that part. So what is a truck box? I thought it was a box in the truck that holds tools. Obviously I'm a girl who hasn't really thought about those things. Truck looks good though. I'm so glad that he has you there. He really enjoys being so close to you and Todd.

Duncan Moredock said...

The truck looks very nice. Heh, the thought of retiring does sound pretty appealing. It can be relaxing when you have a lot of free time - you can practically do anything you want. In any case, you can't see the truck box from those pics, but you guys probably did a good job installing it.

Reverie Road said...
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