Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Road Nobody Knew Existed…

I have several people that I’ve been praying for lately.

Big stuff going on in their lives… huge things.  Not just your everyday little issues.  Life changing.

This morning, I read Psalm 77:1-20. 

The Psalmist cries out to God.  He is in deep deep trouble.  He prayed all night long.  He was not comforted.  He was overwhelmed with desire for God to rescue him.

He thought of the days gone by… when there was joy.  He questions “Has the Lord rejected me forever? Have His promises forever failed?  Has He forgotten?”

He decides this is his fate… God…forgetting him.

Then he remembers God’s deeds from long ago.  He can’t stop thinking about the things God DID do.  He redeemed His people, the Red Sea…he parted….the earth…it trembled and shook and He made a path through the treacherous waters.  He made a path through a way that nobody knew existed… and then, He led His people along that road… the road nobody knew existed before.

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Angela said...

This is beautiful. Thank God that He makes a way when we can see no way. So many unresolved situations, but He knows the path through each one.