Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I’ve learned this week…

I’ve been experimenting some on twitter this week.  Months ago, I started like three different twitter accounts and couldn’t figure out how to do it.  The one that I named “Tortelitha”?  Yeah, can’t figure out the password anymore.

So, this past week, I’ve figured out a few things on Twitter.

1. To get followers you have to tweet.

2. To get followers you have to follow.

3. One message = a tweet, More than one message=tweets, and when you are posting these messages you are tweeting.  Simple to some, but not to me.

4. Peeps are everyone in the “Twitter Community” that you follow.  Yes, you are part of a community here.  And a “re-tweet” is like a Christmas gift… the best one you can give your fellow peeps.

5. It’s good to follow “master peeps”…whoever they are in your world.

6. makes your superlongcrazyurlIcan’tbelieveitsthislongbutithinkyoushouldcheckitout.coms into a usable format.

7. Those things you never do in texting – Gr8 – w/ – 2- and so forth… are very usable for your limited tweet space.

8. Don’t tell your peeps every little thing you do. It gets annoying.  As does tweeting every 30 minutes. (I followed a local news channel and they tweet every hour on the hour…when you don’t follow THAT many people, it gets slightly annoying)

9. A “hashtag” is when you put a number sign # in front of a word and is a way to organize your tweets. For example if you are leading a discussion on your favorite thing to do on Fridays you might use the hashtag "#FridayFav  so you can see what others are tweeting regarding their #FridayFav also - my experience (as much as you can get in one week) is that most people don’t know what a hashtag is and they misuse the # sign to be about #anythingtheyaredoing.

10.  There is a dictionary for Twitter at – it will tell you all this and more… like if you are addicted to twitter, you are “Attwicted”, a person who talks a lot is referred to as “Chatter”, and “whoot” another word for “yeah”.

11. DM is a “direct message”.  DMs are directly to one person.  Using the @name format tags another person in your tweet, but it is still sent out to the entire twitter community.  Don’t mix those up…it could be damaging.  I’ve seen it. #trustmeonthisone.

Don’t think I’ll become attwicted any time soon.  I thought I was confused about technology before twitter…


His Girl said...

this gave me a giggle- will have to look for you in the twitterverse, so we can be peeps!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I set one up a year or so ago. Barely used it and yeah...password? Who knows.

Maybe I should give it another try. Because I have lots of important stuff to I'm still in my robe and it's noon but I gotta go get ready to go to the eye dr.

I'm so exciting.

Heth said...

I love twitter so much. SO SO much. I don't every say anything but I retweet other people's profound quotes. Twitter is a jackpot of information.