Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things on my countertop

Right now, I’m supposed to be cleaning the kitchen.  But, the coffee isn’t ready yet.  So, I refuse to do it without at least two cups of coffee.  Yes, two. Come on, it’s Saturday!

So, I moved my laptop to the kitchen where I am sitting… working on my LIST.  You know… the list of things to clean in the house.  I can definitely tell what I have to clean by well… just opening my eyes.  But the list gives me a sense of accomplishment.  And it helps me to know how fast I need to move.  I mean, if at 2pm, only three things are crossed off the list, I know I better do as my mom used to say “get a move on”.

I was tempted to really get detailed on my list… like, instead of “dishes”.  I could say

1. wash dishes

2. dry dishes

3. put away dishes (which is an anomaly in this house)

But, I won’t.  

In honor of cleaning day, I leave you with this list. 

Things on my countertops

1. newspapers from last week

2. grocery list

3. pen

4. kleenex

5. empty milk container

6. 20 dirty dishes (I won’t list them separately for your sake)

7. empty plastic donut container

8. 10 clean dishes

9. Granddaughter’s bottle wash drying rack

10. Slumberriffic Book

11. Note from Emily asking if she can have a slumber party.

12. School lunch menu. Amazing that it’s here.  We searched high and low for it yesterday minutes before leaving to go to school.

13. tomatoes

14. empty bowl

15. tea kettle

16. plastic cup from restaurant

17. Popcorn popper

18. 12 apples (don’t get the idea that they are displayed all Martha Stewartish… they are still in the bag from the apple orchard…well…er…some of them.  The other part of them are all over the counter, spread out.

19. Bread machine

20. Inside pan from bread machine

21. Little teeny tiny plastic dough mixer thing from bread machine. Hey, i lost that once.  Better put it away before i lose it again.

22. Creamer – waiting patiently for it’s dumping.

23. 2 big popcorn bowls

24. various other dishes… clean… but not put away. Why are they over by the coffee pot?

25. empty pizza box (I wasn’t home last night so they ordered pizza.  Don’t worry. I put the leftovers in the refrigerator when I came home)

26. 3 napkins.

27. I paper plate.  used. ick.

28. Salt shaker and pepper grinder

29. half eaten caramel apple.  She HAD to have that thing at the apple orchard…would NOT share it with me… and now, there it is. Half eaten.


Chrysanthemama said...

I love this! Do you ever write things down on your list that you've already done, just so you can cross them off? :)

His Girl Amber said...

Oh I love you for this! I feel so much better about my counter collection knowing that I'm not alone!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

My counter is full of crap as we speak.