Saturday, October 02, 2010

I’m mad at my car.

My husband says it’s an absurd thing to be mad at.  But, I have to blame someone(thing) and I don’t want the blame.

This week I went to my daughter’s home…two hours away.  It was blasted hot in the beginning of the week. And the AC in my car didn’t work.

I came home on Wednesday and drove the whole way… 70(ish) mph down the interstate with the windows down. (It was hot.)

That evening, I discovered that Kohl’s had sent me a 30% off coupon for the sale that started Wed.  I met Shawn at church… and told him I was going to go to Kohl’s…. instead of church.  AND… I was hot…so I was taking his truck instead of the car with no AC.

I found some great deals at Kohl’s…it was a lot of fun.  And, just in time to pick up Shawn and Em at church, I departed the store.

And I couldn’t find the keys.

At all.

I dumped my purse out. Twice.

I retraced my steps. Thrice.

I inquired at the service desk. Frice.

I searched the carts. Fiftice.

And I even looked to see if the ‘secret’ key was hidden.


I had to call Shawn…who had to get a ride to Kohl’s (from the pastor nonetheless who now knows I decided to go to Kohl’s instead of church).

We searched. Again.

Then, we had to call Joe…who had to go home (20 minutes away) and get the extra keys and bring them back.

And all this…. because my stupid AC doesn’t work.

So, I’m mad at my car.


Amy Flege said...

yeh, i would be mad at that car too! that sucks!! did you ever find your keys????/

Angela said...

Um, that is super crappy. You didn't tell me this story! How insane.

P.S. I need to know what you got at Kohl's. I haven't been for a few weeks.