Thursday, July 24, 2008

back to work

Today is the "back to work day". Vacation is over. ((sniffle)).

We came home early from up north so we could do some "stuff" around the house for the last few days. hehe. yeah. right. stuff like, you know...important stuff.

for instance,... I cooked every night. That's stuff.
And...I read 3 fluffy books. That's some stuff.
We rented some movies. One of which (Be Kind Rewind with Jack Black)...don't waste your money.
We - uh - went shopping. More stuff.

Ok. Alright already. We didn't get any stuff done!!!

Which proves the old adage... the busier you are, the more you get done. I have to stay busy, or I'm going to waste away.

We didn't have internet when we came home. And we've been so busy with our "stuff" that neither one of us has bothered to find out why. So, today, I'm catching up on bloglines. you know, while I'm "on break" at work.


Gotta GROW with it said...

oh man I hated that movie and was puffing cuz i spent money on it. such a bummer cuz i love that jack black.

sounds like you've got some fun "stuff" going on!

momzie said...

No, no, forget the stuff! You made the best re-entry from vacation you could. You took out the shock factor and avoided severe vacation withdrawl. Good job. Especially reading fluffy books. Very theraputic. You avoided post-vacation depression!

Welcome back!

melanie said...

bummer to hear about the movie.. what are fluffy books exactly?? and i miss you!!

Beefy said...

I second that - what on earth is a fluffy book??? And what did you get shopping? Do tell!

Tina said...

mel and amie, fluffy books are just that: fluffy. no real substance. just "fluff". books like "confessions of a shopaholic"... and "shopaholic and baby"... by my favorite fluff author, by the way.

I just finished one called "Diary of a Mad Bride". I like the ones that are humorous and make you laugh out loud. This one was okay. Nothing like the confessions series though. Sophie Kinsella keeps me laughing all the time.

Tina said...

shopping didn't bring me much luck. The girls made out like bandits... and I did get a new coffeemaker because mine died a week or so ago.

But, I took Shawn's mom and she bought a new salad she gave me her old one! score!

PJ said...

aah. Good ole summertime!!