Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today is a day we can mark down in the history books for sure. I think it is probably one of many to come in the future as one by one, our kids grow up.

We're childless tonight. The two oldest are in another city doing work for a property management company as they get ready for college students moving in. The third one is at high school summer camp. And the youngest... is spending the third night in a row at Grammas house. (She is so. addicted. to staying overnight at Grammas).

So, I'm begging my husband to take me out to eat (even though it's the end of the month and the budget is thin).

I guess it's a night of freedom considering what is coming.....

Tomorrow night begins two weeks of see what we're made of. :)
Two very dear friends of ours are going on a missions trip to Bulgaria. And we are watching their five (yes, you read that right... I said 5) kids while they are gone for two weeks.

It's actually not totally two weeks. We have a few days break where their gramma is coming to get them because we have an anniversary trip planned to Michigan.

We are actually very excited about it. The kids are adorable and fun - and we are so. up for it!

Our girls get back this weekend, so all together, we will have 9 kids in our house. Eight is Enough eat your heart out. (okay, so 2 of them are adults and 1 is a teenager). But, even so, six of them are under the age of 9.

We can so. do. this. I'm looking forward to it. I have fun things planned out each day. (you know, as fun as it can be considering the numbers) I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try the pool but I did order a new suit so I can consider that as an option. But, library, bowling alley, kids kingdom, park, beware.... we're coming!


melanie said...

you seriously are insane. note to self: confinement in the library is a very good idea, stroller=good. whomever your friend is must be so very blessed by you and your family sharing your lives for 2 weeks!! five kids- that's crazy...

Nicole said...

crazy! but you are right, they are awesome kids from a very awesome mommy and daddy! you will be great, and you have my number if you need anything we are right (ok, maybe not RIGHT but close enough..) down the street! (and I am off work all day on Wednesdays!)

Amie said...

It will be great! If you need to let everyone run off some steam, we can put them to work in the garden!! Come on out and pick some raspberries and tomatoes and hot peppers one of those days! we have extra clothes to pitch after use with mud.

You will be awesome.

Heth said...

From one extreme to the other.

You had better bring them to the pool, and often, otherwise my kids won't know what to do. They will have withdrawal.

They are going to have a blast at your house. Can I come too?