Thursday, July 31, 2008

new ac, lots of kids,new to me show, and other stuff

Very random post today. Hello, what day isn't random for me right?

So, last night, I saw this show on tv that I didn't know existed. Prime time goes canine. I watched part of it and found myself wanting to watch the rest of it. It was so cute. I didn't get to see it I decided to watch it online today to see who would get to stay. You should check it out. I want one of those cute little doggies!

We are getting our new furnace at the office. It's a good thing. We've had window ac units since we came back after the flood and it is comfortable...but noisy.

Tonight we get all five of our munchkins (see yesterday's post). We are looking forward to having little ones around again.

Tomorrow is August 1 - we celebrate our 20th Anniversary in August. 20 years ago... seems like yesterday. We're celebrating with a trip here. I'm super excited to spend 4 lovely days with my prince charming on this fabulously romantic island.

I still haven't bought a new camera. Soon, very soon.....


Heth said...

Are you gonna get one? A Rebel? Or are you looking at something else?

Happy Anniversary to you two! You guys are so great.

His Girl said...

oh! the hope of a new camera! how positively wonderful!!!

Amie said...

Oh, my! That looks so relaxing. Have a great time!!