Thursday, July 03, 2008

moving back

Today is a momentous day.

Exactly 24 days ago, we moved all of our office to our home due to severe flooding. So, we've been overloaded at home with employees, customers, phone calls, and just plain old "stuff".

Today... we are moving back to the office.

Honestly, I think it was easier moving out. We only had a few hours and we had to work as fast as we could and shove everything into boxes and bins and get it out.

Upon returning, we have to touch every. single. item. and put it in it's proper place.

We're taking advantage of this time to rearrange a little. I gave up my private office for one of the salesmen to have his own office. And I am rearranging all the displays and trying to come up with a better configuration for things....which is no easy task.

The bottom line... I don't know why we have so much stuff. blech. I will spend the next several days at work getting things back into order before we actually get anything accomplished.

It amazes me how much stuff changes when a town is flooded.


melanie said...

Maja said the same thing today when I asked her if she was glad that the flood was over, some things will never be the same. Yet all temporary. You will do so awesome at arranging it all, you are the best. seriously. you are. and to think, in about 24 days from now life will all change again. insane. or maybe i better check to see if you really still want your house to be in that much of craziness...?

Beefy said...

Gave up your office, eh? That was lovely of you. Hope your boss doesn't catch you blogging now! :)

amy flege said...

glad the hear some things are getting back to normal. Wish I was there to help!