Tuesday, October 18, 2005


We paid off our van yesterday.
It’s now really ours.
Not the bank’s.
I think we might have to have a party.
A no-more-van-payment party.
I calculated it out. In the next year, we should have $5076.00 extra… all because we have no van payment.
I made a dream list of lots of ways to spend it.

  1. furniture

  2. cruise

  3. wardrobe

  4. investments

Shawn’s list most likely includes a motorcycle, computer, and guy stuff.

Reality is this list though:

  1. College education for the kids

  2. bills

  3. debt

  4. groceries

But, hey…. It’s fun to dream!

1 comment:

Heth said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What a great feeling!