Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the days turn to weekends, the weekends turn to weeks, the weeks turn to....

Oh Lord, please don't tell me it will take a whole month to move!
We've been at it now for nearly three weeks. I actually looked at the calendar today and thought OH NO... WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!
We're down to the wire.
The new owners are moving in the 13th.
We only have one or two things in the house... we have the outdoor furniture and grill... we have the washer and dryer... and we have the ENTIRE garage yet.
Anyone planning on moving? Here is some wisdom: don't send your entire company on vacation the same time you plan on moving so you have to work from 7-6 everyday and then move in the evenings. dumb move. really dumb.

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Heth said...

Ok, I know you are a little busy with moving and everything, but I am having major withdrawl here. PLEASE POST SOMETHING! Even if it's just what you had for supper, I don't care. Miss you.