Monday, October 10, 2005


Last month I spent $800 on the eye doctor between three of us. This month, I guess it's dentist. We have 6 appointments. We're at 3 down, 3 to go.
Lindsey is 16 1/2 and she had a baby tooth that wouldn't fall out. So, she had to have it pulled. I've been singing hillbilly songs to her all weekend, cuz the permanent tooth hasn't come through yet. Doc said in about a month. She's freaked out and worried they pulled the wrong tooth - says "If they did, I'll sue!".
She had novacaine and gas for the first time. She said it was fun. (I agree... the one time I had gas, it was fun.. ). But, she was cracking me up with her numb lip.

Em went for her first visit with Shawn. She was a little nervous before she went. She said "It's scary cuz I've never been before". I told her they would take a picture of her teeth and she would get a sticker! That seemed to help a bit. She was still a little nervous.
Shawn took her in - and stayed with her for a while until he had to go get his done. The hygenist gave her some pretty good instructions and she did great. She said the chair was fun! She was real impressed with her clean teeth. But she said "I have no sugar bugs but Daddy was naughty and had dirty teeth cuz he was in there a long time!". Oh... to be 6 again with short dental visits.

Today its mine and Abbs turn. I will no doubt get the "I see signs of brushing too hard" talk... and I HOPE I have no cavities. (Just a side note - I have only had one cavity in my entire life and it was when I was 30). Abbie, on the other hand, has had 3 already. I hope even more that she has none.

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Heth said...

YAY! You're back to blogging! Happy dentist visits, and happy free toothbrush.