Wednesday, October 26, 2005

morning musings

1. Why did I wake up at 4am this morning and wasn't able to get back to sleep?
2. I'm glad I woke up at 4am this morning, cuz now I have all my laundry done.
3. Why does the early news on KWWL just say the same things over and over and over again?
4. It's cold this morning.
5. I got up at 4am and I still couldn't get to work on time. 9 minutes late.
6. Good grief. What time do I have to get up to make it to work on time?
7. Gas is now $2.29 --- according to the radio guy.
8. How many times did KWWL talk about the cost of tuition at ISU going up 4%? 5 times ? 6 times ? It had to be more like 200 times.
9. I don't know that I ever cared before about the cost of tuition at ISU. Until now.
10. I frosted and decorated an entire cake this morning too.
11. I wish I would have made my cake walk cake better. Emily is going to work really hard to win it. I want her to get someone else's who put a lot of time and energy in theirs. Not mine Em, not mine. It's sweet though. How can I tell her it isn't good?
12. A person can get a lot of extra stuff done in three free quiet hours in the morning with no interruptions. But, still can't get the normal things done.


Heth said...

4 am? Goodgracious! Yeah, the early news is so repetitious. The traffic report cracks me up. Wooo, so crazy making that commute to Waterloo! Hope you feel rested today and can get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

liese said...

Don't worry T my cakes are not much fancier, I am sure. However, I did have help, KC is becoming quite the kitchen girl! Maybe Em will change her mind when she sees the ones that took more time.

iridium said...

1. Because you're an insane sleep deprived maniac.

2. Good for you...*Cheers*

3. Kan't Wreport Wreal Lnews

4. Just wait till January.

5. 9 minutes isn't that bad...wait, aren't you the boss? So it doesn't matter.

6. 3:51 am

7. And we consider that low and are happy about it.

8. This is Iowa, that's breaking news.

9. Hey at least that is the type of stuff that is news-worthy here. Could be worse.

10. Can I have a piece?

11. I think Tyler won it.

12. It's all about prioritization. I say do the fun things first.