Monday, October 24, 2005

new worship song

I thought I’d offer my suggestion for Pastor Bill’s next new song to introduce for the Worship Team to learn. This has to be my current favorite.

Hear Our Prayer – Hillsong

Hear our prayer Spirit, come
How I long forYour sweet touch.
On my kneesI cry out
Jesus, Savior
Behold your child.

Like a deer longing for water
My soul yearns;
Only you can fill my deep hunger
My heart burns My heart burns.

Oceans deep
Mountains high
O my God,
I cannot live without your love;
I cannot live without your love.
(Repeat Chorus)


Heth said...

How about you try out the "add an audio clip" feature, and give us a sample. I'd love to hear it.

T said...

sorry, my blogging abilities are limited to beginner status. you figure it out and tell me how to do it. I'm lucky I got the font thing figured out!

liese said...

Hey, I think I just heard that song, I wonder how?

Angela said...

I think I have ever possible Hillsongs CD and I do not recognize this. I really like the lyrics. What CD is it on?

T said...

hey ang, check the sound booth. I think i burned it from the one up there... :) is it yours? hehe