Tuesday, October 11, 2005


we have no food in the house. well, i can't really say NO. we have popcorn. we have milk. i wonder how that would taste for breakfast...
we're kind of at the point where my family MIGHT turn me in to child services ...
BUT, i want to use up the stuff we never use up. i'm trying to see how long i can go on the food we have and see if i can use my creative mind to make interesting meals with peanut butter and beans. not really, but that just came to me and i might do it.
i DID, however make banana bread last night. slightly undercooked, but hey, it works. Emily said "it's a little squishy but i'll just put that part in the trash". :) really, i'm a good cook... no kidding.
I asked Emily what she wanted for supper. She listed off some things we didn't have so i told her she had to go to the fridge and the cupboard and choose something.
Emily (searching): Pancakes!
me (to self): easy! (out loud): sounds great!
Emily: Can I help?
me: sure!
Emily (reading the box): we need 2 spoons of the powder and 1 spoon of water.
me: ok! (i reach for the measuring cups)
Emily: can i pour it?
me: sure.
Emily takes the bowl and the cups and places it on the floor.
Emily: i can do this right cuz then i can reach it can't i mommy?
me: sure can.
Emily: i'm a good stirrer aren't i mommy?
me: uh-huh
Emily: i'm a good cooker too huh mommy?
me: yep
Emily: your a good cooker too right?
me: sure am
Emily: all done
There is still lots of stirring to be done...
me: looks good. i'll just do one last stir for good luck.
Emily: can i have some banana bread while i wait cuz i'm really hungry?
me: yep
Emily: can i get it myself?
me: sure. but be careful cutting (i hand her the butter knife)
Emily proceeds to take the knife, and cut the bread in half. completely in half.
She grabs the half she cut off and holds it like an apple and starts eating it.
I notice it isn't completely done inside.
Emily: this part is kinda squishy. that's okay though, i'll just throw that part in the trash.
I remember i was tired and took it out of the oven a little too soon so i could go to bed.
Emily proceeds to eat a half a loaf - a hunk-o-bread.
She doesn't eat her supper.
who needs to cook?

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Heth said...

Let me just say, banana bread, especially undercooked banana bread, is the food of the gods. Emily, you a girl after my own heart, just grab a hunk and dive in. And pancakes are by far my most favoritest food right now too. I loooooove them. Forget gourmet club, let's just have banana bread, pancake fest 2006.