Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the top 20

When I was in 6th Grade, my teacher, Mr. Howard, used to give out "computer cards" every morning if we could guess the top 20 Nielson Rating TV Shows. Computer cards were sought after by every 6th Grader at Irving because at the end of the year, there was a huge auction and you could buy the coolest stuff. I don't even know what they used these cards for!
I rarely won. I was terrible at this game. Some kids would study the Nielson's just so they could get the cards and buy the big stuff at the end of the year. I usually gave mine away, or used them to buy candy.

Anyway, here are the top 20 of the year from when I was in 6th grade!

01. 60 Minutes (Sixty Minutes)
02. Three's Company
03. That's Incredible!
04. M*A*S*H
05. Alice
06. Dallas
07. Flo
08. The Jeffersons
09. Dukes of Hazzard, The
10. One Day at a Time
11. WKRP in Cincinnati
12. Goodtime Girls
13. Archie Bunker's Place
14. Taxi
15. Eight is Enough
16. Little House On the Praire
17. House Calls
18. Real People
19. CHiPs
20. Happy Days


liese said...
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Natalie Joy said...

I remember some of those shows... from reruns. Just kidding. I watched a lot of those growing up, too.

Heth said...

Awww, Happy Days was the BEST!

Andrea said...

I remember "the cards!!!!!" I had Miss Werecamp (who is now Mrs. Egli lol, not sure i spelled her name right.) I remember the auctions. This one group of boys would put all their cards together and buy EVERYTHING. I remember one of the really "hot" items was a bottle of pop LOL!!!!