Monday, February 13, 2006


It was cold out that morning.
No snow yet, but the weather man was predicting it soon.
My back started aching around midnight.
I hadn’t ever experienced a backache quite like it.
It slowly grew and began to spread to my sides and front.
By the time I realized it was labor, my contractions had already become quite regular.

I remember the ride to the hospital.
It was around 2:30am.
I remember how your dad stopped at that four way stop by McDonalds.
There weren’t any cars around… it was the middle of the night in a small town.
I chuckled that he was a “good citizen”.
He was so nervous and excited and scared, all wrapped up in one.

I don’t remember much pain.
It all seemed to go so fast.
No drugs.
No IV.
The fad then was to walk out of the delivery room.
I cringe at that thought now.

We stayed in the hospital for two days.
We took you home on Valentine’s Day.
You wore a red dress home.
We were so young.
We were so insecure.

I remember your face.
You were so beautiful.
So perfect.

Nineteen years ago.
I was nineteen then.
It seems like yesterday.
I’ll never forget that day.

I love you.

Happy Birthday Haleigh.


Heth said...

There is nothing like a birth story. Precious, just precious.

What a wonderful woman Haleigh turned out to be.

Rev60 said...

Love ya Haleigh!

leighdrea said...

I love you too mom! Thanks for everything!

You know you will prolly have to teach my future husband a thing or too about birthdays...otherwise you'll just have to keep it up!!