Friday, February 24, 2006

Amy's top 41 list

Because Amy is so fun, I told her I’d take a stab at posting some of her info about me on my blog… so, I’m taking a break at my poetry tribute to Iridium’s lack of attention to my prize…. Although, it should be dually noted that I am NOT forgetting that I have been highly neglected with this prize, and it better be a GOOD PRIZE, or I will have to take matters to the Prize Police Patrol…. Whoever they may be…

So, on to Amy’s thoughts… she’s a really cool chick.  ( I am not as interesting as you are about to find out… If you want to see where this list started, visit her’s first and you will see.

1. I took a karate lesson once when I was in junior high, and I never went back (that is a wicked hard workout!)2. I am a religious mix-breed.  My dad was Catholic, my mom was Lutheran, but neither went to church, neither did I.  When I was really young, I was one of the “unchurched kids” at a couple churches, brought by a neighbor kid.3. I lived in 5 different states, and over 20 cities growing up.4. I cannot stand jello. Unless it is poured over a cake and topped with cool whip.  Oh yeah, that’s the way to eat jello.5. I can almost touch my tongue to my nose6. I don’t really like pink, red, and purple....because I was told that redheads shouldn’t wear those colors… I’m a black and brown kind of gal myself7. I married the only person I was ever engaged to.8. I've only left the country on missions trips.  I’d love to go to Italy someday , just for fun!
9. I used to have really long hair, and cut it 7 years ago after Emily was born.  Weird I know. I’m too old for long hair.
10. I like to scrapbook, but I really am not that good at it.11. My dad's a retired mechanical engineer, my mom works for the state prison in Arizona in the medical records department.12. I have 1 sister, 2 half sisters, 2 brothers13. I like to be alone (this is one thing Amy and I share!! WOW!)14. I love doing nothing (just like Amy again! Wow Wow!)15. Cooking is one of my favorite things. (Three times—Again, something Amy and I agree on)16. I am definitely not a crafty person.  I like to take photos and see how they turn out, but crafts and I don’t get along. I cannot cut a straight anything.
17. I really don’t like to shop.18. My sweatpants and sweatshirt is my favorite outfit.19. I need new socks.
20. I use a pda. No calendar here.21. I LOVE school supplies too!  (Amy and I officially share four things on this list so far)
22. I don’t really do the foil thing on the pan, sorry Amy.23. My favorite kind of cake is ANY kind of cake.
24. I’m mostly a rule keeper. I don’t like to go against the flow.25. I never played an instrument.  My family couldn’t afford it when I was in school, so I never bothered.
26. Okay, well, I can play the swans song on the piano.  Shera took lessons when she was little and I helped her learn that… (27. My name would have still had to start with a “T” if I was a boy. 28. I have never beat any high school records.  I’m just plain old me.29. I don’t really like too many animals, I am definitely not a farm girl.  30. Oh, I get why Beefy is called Beefy, she likes cows.  Well, I like to eat beef!31. I’ve never worked at a Girl Scout camp. But, I was a campfire girl once.  
32. I’ve never had a tatoo or anything pierced but my ears.  Oh my gosh, I’m so boring.33. I love American Idol – OKAY!  WoW! Five things the same!34. I type pretty fast. I don’t know how many wpm though.35. I really love pop.36. My eyes are both blue.37. I can’t watch a movie once. I fall asleep everytime.
38. I didn’t do any special tricks as a toddler.
39. I comprehend things I read only if I like the topic.  Any history, social studies, or science, I might as well not read.40. Math, English, and Music were my favorite things in school. Couldn't stand Science and History. – SAME AS AMY!! WHOO HOO!41. I don’t have any OCD at all. I do things pretty randomly.

Wow, after all that typing, I need a nap.  AND I just re-read that and I can’t believe how completely UN-INTERESTING I am.  Sorry people, I could make up a bunch of lies, but I’m just plain old boring. (


liese said...

That was good! I don't think you are boring!!! Far from it!!

T said...

oh I forgot one thing! This is interesting! I was born with my two front teeth!

Beefy said...

Wow - we could be twins!!! Did you have to have your teeth pulled right away? 10) You'd be good at scrapbooking if you'd come on a Friday night!!! March *10th* to number *10* - that's not just a funny coincidence (I tried to avoid typing that word because I didn't know how to spell it, but there's no other word to substitute....maybe I need one of your rhyme books...) And 36) My eyes are both blue. Thanks, t. I actually laughed and almost woke my daughter up at this post. Sorry to tell you, but you couldn't be boring if you tried.

T said...

oh yeah, wait and see how boring I can be... ESPECIALLY when I TRY.

Beefy said...

I haven't been to your...or anyone's blog for a I took the liberty of commenting on every one I missed. That's your prize from me for being my twin.

Beefy said...

Okay, just go ahead and try....I completely disagree. I'll make sure you have candy in your house all month if you can be boring.