Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I won?????

I’m feeling a little rejected.
I feel a bit grim.
I hoped to get a great super prize.
After the contest I did win.

However, it seems
It seems to be
That I’m being ignored
By Bliggity.

A contest – a contest
An e-wager he announced
When my money comes in
The winner is pronounced.

I thought and I thought
And I thought some more
I took a guess
I’m no bore.

And sure enough
It was with cheer
He announced the date
The winner was clear

I won I won!
Could it be?
For two contests I’ve won
At Bliggity!

Oh nobody knows
My delight was extreme
My prize – is it a song, a steak
Could it be ICE CREAM?

And then, my days
Turned into nights
Into weeks
It sure bites

I have no prize
I have no reward
I have no steak
I haven’t even a sword.

My sadness now
Consumes my blog
That bliggity
What a prize hog.


Heth said...


Andrea said...

That is AWESOME! You beat Bliggity, hands down!!!


Natalie Joy said...

I think you deserve a BIG prize. He really made it sound like you would get a prize.

liese said...

too funny, such talent. If the prize is $, you should charge intrest. If it is ice cream, he owns you a gallon. Monday night would be a good pay off date!!


iridium said...

I'm WORKIN ON IT!!!!!! can't rush a masterpiece.


T said...

yeah, right, I think you're just stallin....

Beefy said...

Sword must have been the only thing that rhymed with Reward? LOL You funny lady! I hope it's candy.....and maybe we'll just sit and look at it this weekend. Don't I just have the best ideas?

Anonymous said...

pretty sweet poem man...(\_/)