Friday, February 24, 2006

The Prize

When I woke up this morning, a duck was on my head.
I asked “What are you doing there?”
It looked at me and said:

I am the duck of Bliggity
I’ve come to discuss your prize
And so I thought I would sit here
Until you open your eyes

I have come with a mission to say what
Bliggity Blaggity Blog has said
The only way I can tell you
Is if I am perched upon your head

“Tell me Tell me
Oh Bliggity’s Duck
What have you brought me?
Oh Duck of Good Luck?”

Your prize will come soon
Please do not worry
It’s just that Bliggity
Is in no hurry

But do not fret
And do not frown
For this prize will turn
Your world upside down!

“It better be good
It better be grand
It ought to be super
And definitely not bland

For the wait is long
And I can see
That prize will be AMAZING
From Bliggity”


Heth said...

Where is this poetic side of you coming from? I never knew!

T said...

yeah, I know... maybe I'll try my hand at some rap or hip hop music someday... hehe... now that would seriously be "interesting".

Beefy said...

A duck was on your head....who are you? Oh, I'm getting to that post, aren't I. He didn't have any accidents, did he? I want a poem! I want a poem!