Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Super Dabby Birthday Super Party

Today is Shawn's birthday! We celebrated yesterday by giving him this. Yeah, I know. Quite a gift.
We've been married for 18 years, and never had a new one.
The one we were sleeping on was bought at least 10 years ago at a Hotel Garage Sale! YiKES! (I try not to think about it)

So, it was time...
I got up early and went with my dad to go get the present at the furniture store. We dumped it on the highway, and had to take an alternate route home at 35 mph. It took forever! Then, I took him out in the afternoon while the mattress was moved into the house. (thanks girls! you are burley!)
When we got home, the girls had a party all set up and the room was ready... mood music, a bottle of water, and a bunch of candles.....

We also gave him this.. but it turned into more like a three hour one... :)
I don't want to spoil all the gifts, I'll let him blog about his favorite 3000 gifts later!

I told him that since his birthday is on super bowl, he can just think of it as a whole bunch of birthday parties all over the world! People celebrating for his birthday!

Happy Birthday Babe. I hope you had a great nap!

editors note: the reason for this blog title is that when we came home, the girls had made a sign - it said "happy birthday super dabby" -- Emily is at that age where she mixes her b's with her d's... so she keeps writing that and we keep saying it!


Heth said...


What great gifts! A nap, a mattress, it's a birthday dream come true.

iridium said...

Yeah...happy b-dizzle.

leighdrea said...

I love you dabby! Glad I got to be there for your birthday!!! yay 43!!!!