Saturday, September 27, 2008

fall purple 2008

This fall, there has been so much buzz about purple. It's in shoes, clothes, makeup.

Even I.... a solomnly sworn devout black/brown/gray wearer... have to admit, it's a great fashion trend.

Last week, I went to Target and tried on every single pair of dark purple shoes they had in stock, only to find nothing fit my deformed feet. I am determined to get some though... and hopefully before the end of the fall season.

I also really like this , this, this, this, and these!

I have always loved dark purple makeup, so this is very exciting to me!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I heart it. I do I do.

nicole said...

purple is cool T---EVERYONE is doing it ;-)

chris said...

I think you should buy ALL of that stuff! It's all great and Dave Ramsey called me today and said to tell you that it's ok to buy it!

ann said...

Tina! Okay when I'm saying it, it sounds more like TEEE-NUHHH! Really whiney like, but I was hoping you'd make a VIDEO from Linda's I see what you're saying thing. Awwwww... (can you hear me whining?)