Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Anytime I am asked what I need, I usually say time. When I actually think about it, I realize that there is just so much I want to do. As I get older, my answer is beginning to change to "energy", but that's for a whole different post.

The concept of time is so valuable when you think about it. There are certain things in life that tell without words what a person's character is like. Time is one of them. I am not talking about just how they spend their time. That does say a lot about a person. But, moreover, how they feel about time. I know...deep thoughts for the beginning of the week.... time feelings and all that.

Being on Time - Being on time says a lot. It just does. Being on time for work, on time to pick up your children, on time for meetings. Doing what you say you are going to do. I have noticed that people who value being on time also value returning phone calls and emails and following through with integrity. It seems so simple. But, in today's society, it isn't as simple apparently as I think. I have noticed that my opinion of a person is drastically down-graded when they are not on time. It causes me to reconsider the things I would entrust to them.

Valuing Others Time - I know many leaders who are incredible "time-valuers", if you would allow me to stretch the English language to make up that word. Five - Ten - Fifteen years down the road, I cannot wait to see what these young leaders become. But, the quickest way to show that you are arrogant and selfish is to waste my time. Tell me you will be there and don't show up, schedule a meeting for an hour and take three, put me on hold for 35 minutes, keep me in the waiting room for an hour after my scheduled appointment. I have such respect for those highway patrol who saw the traffic would potentially be backed up, but worked hard at preventing it.

In our office, in our family, in our lives, I work hard at showing respect for others time. I sometimes fail...but I want to grow and I know that growth will only come when others become more important than me.


Amie said...

Is it easier to be on time when your toddlers are grown enough to have the "5 mintues be in the van" thing down? I know that 25 minutes before we leave, I better have extra clothes layed out, diaper bag PACKED, snacks, better find BOTH shoes and set them by the door, and have my coffee brewing. ;)

10 minutes before we leave seems "last minute" to me. Get the van ready with everything in it, then remember the kids.....oh ya, and the coffee.

Love your last sentence. I love this post.

melanie said...

It's not about us is it? Bummer of a thought to get through my head thick head. With time, money, my way, hum..

Heth said...

Good stuff, good stuff.

Don't take it too personally if I'm late though. It probably meant a dirty diaper right before we were going out the door or something annoying like that.

Boiling it down: it's about others.

I'll be thinking about this.

Tina said...

oh good grief mel, leave it to you to internalize this and think i had some other agenda... hehe... you crack me up. NO, it isn't about you.